Object Detection for The Smart Factory

aggity eye is an AI-based application at the service of the manufacturing industry, for automated objects detection

aggity eye powered by AI SMART

It allows to recognize parts, products and items in general. The combination of the most advanced technologies in Computer Vision and our special techniques for keeping the neural network training very short, makes our app exceptionally powerful.

Once the item is recognized, data is automatically collected and stored in FANUC field system and can easily extracted for data visualization & analysis in our MES application or other business apps.

We make it fast and simple

Short Training & Instant Results


Train AI algorithms in a minute on your tablet or smartphone


Save the trained algorithms on every device through FANUC FIELD system


Recognize the item from any connected tablet


Collect and store data in FANUC FIELD system


Get instant access to collected data in MES user interface

Key features


Product recognition

Whatever the item is, aggity eye can recognize it


Automated product data sheet

Recognize the item and display the detailed product data sheet in the MES user interface, in order to visualize all product features


Production Data Analysis

Once the product is recognized by the app for the first time, then its cycle along other processes/depts/plants etc. can be continuously tracked, enabling the MES application to collect and analyze all production data related to that specific good


Inspection & Quality Assurance

In the event of a quality control to be done on the item, the MES application will immediately display all the quality parameters to control


Real time alerts

MES application can generate alerts to notify users about significant events connected to the item detected (need for quality inspection; production progress etc.)


Automatic Identification

With aggity eye identification of resources and declaration of tasks becomes automatic

Key benefits

  • Get instant visibility into your production data


  • Reduce defects & improve product quality


  • Reduce human errors


  • Reduce tag scanning time


  • Speed up time to take corrective actions


  • Connect data, resources and products – Smart Factory

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Tecnology Partners

Aggity is partner of AI SMART, German-based AI technology company, specialized in the field of neural networks applied to Computer Vision & object recognition.

Aggity eye App uses the powerful AI-based technology of AI SMART, to recognize the items following just one-minute training of the neural network, from any device like a tablet or a smartphone.

Aggity is a FANUC partner for the FIELD system, an open Industrial IoT platform for data acquisition from any device (all manufacturers and generations).  

Aggity eye App will be available through the FIELD system, combining data acquisition with the power of AI and object recognition, to implement the Smart & Intelligent Factory.

Get in Touch

For more information about aggity eye applications, write to: info.italy@aggity.com

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